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Lemon OG shatter (THC: 80.85%) - mountburning.com Ripe 2 Pipe Ganja Shop makes it possible for you to Buy Lemon OG shatter online at very affordable prices and of the best quality as well Naturextrakt Premium 10% - CBD-Vital - VitalAbo Onlineshop Mit Terpen Entourage-Effekt! Optimales zusammenwirken der enthaltenen Pflanzenstoffe wie Terpene, Cannabinoide und Omega Fettsäuren. Durch einen speziellen Extraktionsprozess kann dieses hochkonzentrierte CBD-Öl mit einem umfassenden Pflanzenstoffspektrum gewonnen werden. Lemon OG shatter (THC: 80.85%) - Life Change No products in the cart. Toggle navigation. Home; Shop; CANNABIS . Indica Strain; Santiva Strain; Hybrid Strain

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27 Apr 2018 I'm assuming you're talking about in edible form. 80mg is too much for a casual user. Seeing as how you've asked the question. I'm assuming you're not very 

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Thirdly, potency, the package claims "80-85% THC", this is very simply incorrect. Of course, as said earlier these are not sold in dispensaries! In order to be sold  80-85% average THC level is potent and delivers a substantial high that comes in fast. Head effect is energizing and happy, with potential for giggles and  19 Aug 2019 Large Scale CO2 Chromatography and THC Remediation. There is a dirty CBD recovery rate (molecular efficiency) of 80-85%. In-house  Specialties: vape cartridges, cannabis oil, concentrates, THC, cannabis one cartridge labeled as 80-85 percent THC actually tested for 33 percent THC, while